The origins

In 1998, Fayzulla Mirzaev joined forces with his friend Saken Polatov when they established a facilities management business. Before long, this start-up rapidly grew into a hugely successful partnership with a reputation for excellence thanks to the pair’s multidisciplinary approach to innovation, which saw them establish themselves as leading figures in the world of construction in the early 2000s; a standing that they still maintain to this day.
In 2002, the friends established a furniture factory in Uzbekistan, ORIENT MEBEL, a specialist in the manufacture of premium-class doors, staircases and kitchen furniture. Over a time, the company grew into the largest private furniture company in Uzbekistan. Drawing on the success of this furniture goliath, the company henceforth,
assumed The Orient Group name.

By 2010, the company had become a diversified giant specialising in the production of concrete, aggregates and specialised metal, as well as a leader in the mineral processing  segment with the largest granite quarry plant in Central Asia, responsible for almost the entire demand of the Uzbek market and that of its neighboring countries.

The group’s infrastructure continued to evolve, with The Orient group transitioning from major supply chain provider to pioneering construction contractor, leading the way in the development of advanced construction technology systems and fulfilling major building contracts delivered in both the public and private sectors. 

Futureproofing our global concern

Since its inception, the Orient Group has set a new benchmark for business expansion in Uzbekistan by establishing and investing in national, regional and global concerns that have helped to boost the country’s economic growth. Its influence reaches far and wide: some of its original subsidiary corporations include a leather tanning enterprise specialising in the export of materials to European manufacturers, an expansive laminate flooring plant, and a metallurgical engineering service specialising in insulating polymers.

Most notably in 2010, it founded the private Orient Finans Bank, which today counts 297,000 private clients and 6000 corporate clients with a reported 150% growth in assets in 2017.
The Orient Group moved into agriculture in 2012, taking the leading position in the trade and export of dried and fresh fruits and vegetables to international markets. A natural progression into fashion retail, residential and commercial real estate and logistics followed a year later with a variety of high profile projects. In the later part of 2013, the Orient Group opened Tashkent’s then largest shopping mall, Samarkand Darvoza, which included 20 franchise projects drawn from its portfolio with Eurasia Group counting coveted European fashion outlets such as Colin’s, Jennyfer, Celio, Yves Rocher, and Cacharel. It also increased leisure opportunities for both tourists and local communities thanks to large entertainment facilities. Shortly after, the group extended this entertainment offering with the inauguration of the Lokomotiv amusement park also situated in Tashkent.

Investing in infrastructure

The Orient Group subsequently entered a period of accelerated infrastructural investment and development which continues to have a positive impact on the country’s growth and urban landscape. Such initiatives include the founding of the BMK factory in 2015, a milestone in the history books since it's also the very first privately owned concern in Uzbekistan to be engaged in the production of lighting and fencing for industrial environments, construction sites and roads.

A year later, The Orient Group established The Tower Mall Management Group, responsible for developing, planning, building, leasing and managing properties, from small businesses to large scale shopping centers, this includes the newly opened Compass and Eski Shahar malls inaugurated in 2018; furthermore, the brand new Riviera mall is due to open in early 2020.
In response to the initiative of the Government of Uzbekistan to expand cotton processing capacities in Uzbekistan, in 2017 the Group commenced two major textile factories – Bakan Tex and FT Textile with combined annual production capacity of 50,000 tones of yarn.

The Orient Group’s network of Makro supermarkets, a venture that now counts 53 stores across 18 cities in Uzbekistan has also helped to build a more sustainable local food economy as well as open up many more employment opportunities to local communities. In addition, support of local handiwork crafts has been bolstered thanks to new businesses specialising in furniture design and textile production.

Building a better future

Today, the Orient Group – which now counts offices in Moscow, Riga and Shanghai – employs over 20,000 people across its multifaceted business, with senior-level executives benefiting from the expansive knowledge and proven business acumen of expert individuals from overseas.

And there are many new projects that are changing the face of the city for the better thanks to inclusive and inventive urban planning. For example, Ecopark, a green haven situated on the site of the city's former zoo, is the result of substantial investment from The Orient Group. The 12-hectare area, which opened in 2017, is Tashkent's jewel in the crown: the group instigated the planting of 28 000 trees as well as the construction of design elements that champion natural forms using ecologically clean building materials.

The Orient Group's elite real estate development company, Golden House leads the charge when it comes redevelopment and regeneration in Tashkent, attracting internationally renowned architects and master planners to its projects. Among them are Australia's CDI firm and the London-based practice Chapman Taylor who are in the process of creating a striking new urban quarter for the city comprising luxury retail towers and a series of elegant residential apartment blocks.

It is indeed this continued diversification of the business, which is anchored in social engagement and urban development, that has enabled The Orient Group to optimize the value of the services it provides to local communities, allowing them to flourish in harmony with Tashkent's modern cityscape.

New horizons with partners who matter

Strategic vision of the founders and proven track record of successful growth of Orient Group attracts true interest of domestic and foreign investors. Among them are Promstroybank, NBU, Gazprombank as well as UzOman, an Uzbek-Oman Investment Company, the largest private equity fund in Uzbekistan UOIC. UOIC which was established by the State General Reserve of Sultanate of Oman and Fund for Reconstruction and Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan, has a multi-million investment portfolio in the Group’s subsidiaries involved in logistics and transportation, agriculture and production of construction materials.