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Supermarket chain Makro wins Convenience Store of the Year and Domestic Retailer of the Year

Uzbekistan was among the winners of the Retail Asia Awards, where the Makro supermarket chain represented the country in 2021. Participants included India, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, UAE, China, Sri Lanka and others. Makro is the only retailer from Central Asia to win the Retail Asia Awards.

The supermarket chain won in two categories at once:
Convenience Store of the Year;
Domestic Retailer of the Year ('Best Local Retailer').

Despite the adjustments caused by the pandemic, the retail industry continues to move forward. In recognition, the Retail Asia Awards 2021 recognised businesses that are growing their business in spite of the circumstances, providing customers with service and the opportunity to shop in a comfortable environment.

Through the Digital Awards presentation, the awards honoured 38 candidates, highlighting each in their respective categories. The list of winners included the Philippines, Singapore, China, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Japan, India, Thailand, Indonesia and others.
The 2021 entries were evaluated by an elite panel of judges, comprising representatives from KPMG, Deloitte, RSM Singapore, PwC, Euromonitor International, Singapore Retailers Association (SRA) and others.

The high score awarded to the Makro team by the professional community was largely thanks to their customers, who always choose the chain.