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Orient Group has implemented a procurement process automation system using Odoo and business intelligence tools

Over the years, Orient Group has been leading the trends across many sectors. This is primarily due to our steady focus towards using advanced solutions combined with the best practices.

One of the most important decisions of 2022 was to automate our procurement processes within Orient Group by introducing both Odoo (software) and business intelligence (BI) tools.

These additions have really helped us to gain full control over the procurement process and make it as transparent as possible. As of right now, 45 holding companies are connected to Odoo and are successfully synced. These include our largest divisions such as Metal, Development, Logistics, Furniture, Agro, OGM and CZK.

Today, 3,000 suppliers and 400 categories of goods and services are standardized in the system via a single directory. We work in Uzbekistan so it was initially important for us to ensure that the automatic verification of the PRC through the official tax system was connected – soliq.uz.

We have taken this practice from the world's best companies such as: Shell, Hyundai, Alta Motors, Danone, Ventus Wireless, The American Railway, Geodon, MsKinsey&Company, Wahoo, BluePeak Capital LLP, Golf Credit Ltd, Accel Club, Inc., ComCo Systems, Association of Foreign Banks of Switzerland, Aafaq Islamic Finance, Deloitte Luxembourg, Namuna Development, Food City Tashkent, International Business Center, OOO Elektronik Magnat, Radiocom (Motorola Dealer) and more.