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Orient Group supported making of “O’zbekistonlik” film

Orient Group took on the role of the sponsor of the second “O’zbekistonlik” film, dedicated to two notable Uzbekistanis, Dmitriy Bogdanov, the space engineer and the founder of ExoLaunch, the company that launches satellites on Elon Mask’s rockets, and Mushtariy Sharifova, analyst at Tesla.

The premiere screening took place on October 1 in the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Berlin, at “O’zbekistonlik” international forum. Around two hundred of our successful fellow citizens, European diplomats, businessmen, representatives of the creative industry of Europe were the first viewers.

“The stories of the eminent Uzbekistanis, which underlay the second “O’zbekistonlik” film, are the perfect examples that there are both ups and downs on the path of every business and every person. But these people united by one thing – faith in their work and inevitable success regardless the circumstances. Our company strives to facilitate the growth of awareness and prestige of the country through the development of the human capital. A country is people, and people are the ultimate value. That is the essence of O’zbekistonlik and that is why Orient genuinely supports this project”, – Andrei Safronyuk, the General Director of Orient Group, commented the venue.

One of the film’s main characters is Dmitriy Bogdanov, born in Tashkent, who has moved to Berlin at 19 and built ExoLaunch, the multimillion-dollar company launching lightweight satellites. For all the time of its activities, ExoLaunch has launched 231 satellites to space, using its orbital tugs to deliver various kinds of cargo to the orbit. Dmitriy Bogdanov told his main dream is to participate in projects for colonization of Mars and the Moon, as well as his company’s gaining the image of DHL in space.

Another main character of the film – Mushtariy Sharifova – was born in Navoiy. She left Uzbekistan in 2015 to proceed with education in the field of business and management in the University of Applied Science in Germany. Her main goal was to work in Tesla, one of the world’s biggest companies. In order to reach it Mushtariy continuously worked on herself by continuing education, while gaining the unique international experience at Adidas, Zalando and SAP. These efforts were not for nothing – today our homelander works as analyst in Tesla, is engaged in the international financial operations and calculates the company’s annual budget.

Before the end of 2022 another “O’zbekistonlik” forum will be held in one of the world’s capital cities, where the third episode of the film will be presented. The second episode can be watched on My5 TV channel, as well as on YouTube.