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Makro summarized the results of the "Happy Customer" campaign

We're thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of our "Happy Buyer" campaign, where every 200th customer became a lucky winner of FREE goods, no matter the purchase amount!

As of August 8, Makro has wrapped up this ambitious promotion in the Uzbek market. Throughout the campaign, we celebrated around 7,000 winners, with the highest prize-winning purchase totalling 1,854,990 UZS.

During this period, our winners enjoyed over three tons of water, over a ton of Coca-Cola, approximately 400kg of meat, 1,000 packs of ice cream and more!

Our "Happy Buyer" campaign is all about spreading joy and creating memorable shopping experiences. "We aimed to bring smiles and unforgettable moments to nearly 7,000 customers!" shares Dmitry Demidov, Director of the Marketing Department.

At Makro, we're dedicated to enhancing customer service and are excited to continue crafting beloved promotions that our valued customers adore.