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Makro slashes prices on 700 popular products simultaneously

Makro supermarket chain has significantly reduced prices on a staggering 700 products, while also expanding the range of items eligible for special pricing.

The positive change comes as a result of our ongoing efforts to transform and optimize internal processes throughout the company. Recently, we took crucial steps to enhance the efficiency of supply chains and streamlined inventory management by integrating automated order calculations.

As a remarkable outcome, we have not only improved product distribution, but also unlocked additional funds which paved the way for a comprehensive pricing review.

Taking our customers preferences to heart, we have made substantial price cuts on 700 in-demand products. The list encompasses a wide array of essentials, as well as timeless classics from our FRESH and ULTRA FRESH categories! These include fresh fruits, vegetables, succulent meats, dairy delights and a wide selection of food and beverages.

This initiative is geared towards making both the basic and gourmet shopping baskets much more accessible and affordable for our valued customers.

Dmitry Bova, the esteemed CEO of Makro, expressed his thoughts on this exciting endeavor: "We closely studied our customers preferences and have promptly reduced prices on 700 products that hold significant demand. From essential staples to exquisite treats, our aim is to provide cost savings and enhance the shopping experience for all."