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Assalom Bog'lar – Golden House Presents the Second Eco-block

The Assalom Bog'lar Eco-block is the second large–scale Golden House project. It is located in the Mirzo-Ulugbek district, away from the hustle and bustle of the capital and is within walking distance of the Botanical Garden.

The territory will be arranged according to the principles of functional zoning. The courtyard is to be filled with playgrounds for children to play and relax, walking trails, picnic areas and children's sports and gaming areas. This will evidently provide Eco-block residents with a variety of opportunities for both leisure and entertainment.

Golden House uses only modern technologies for saving energy, sound insulation, water purification and installing automatic irrigation systems. The company uses only the best for landscaping as well as a number of environmental materials for construction and the decoration of the communal areas.

Resident safety is a top priority which is ensured through installing round-the-clock video surveillance as well as manned security points who patrol the eco-block. Cars are also not kept in the yard so as to not entice any thieves to the area.