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Preserving Heritage, Building Tomorrow: A Golden House Story In Partnership With UNESCO

"With respect for the past, we build the future" – This is the core principle at Golden House. The area in Yunus Rajabi District, Tashkent, where our company is constructing a new residential complex, once housed the art department of the Tashkent State Theatrical and Art Institute.

Inside the dilapidated structures, 23 mural paintings and bas-reliefs were discovered, created by the institute's students in the past. This set a precedent for involving UNESCO in the private sector.

Over the course of several weeks, leading experts from the UK, Kazakhstan, Russia and Uzbekistan worked on this project. The evaluation process revealed that the project would not have a negative impact on the cultural heritage. Further recommendations involve dismantling all mural paintings and bas-reliefs from the former art department building by a specialised restoration organisation and transferring them to the State Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan for further study and preservation, which is exactly what we will be doing!

We aim to develop unique projects that enhance the city and it's worth noting that this has been officially recognized by UNESCO.