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Makro supermarket chain undergoes a complete supply chain overhaul

Orient Group's key venture, Makro Supermarket Chain, has undertaken a significant optimisation effort with regards to its supply chain. The company revamped its inventory management department, introducing automated order calculations and enhancing automation at the distribution center.

By consolidating inventory management under one department, Makro freed up operational staff at the stores from handling local management tasks like placing orders for suppliers and the distribution center. As a result, the network's customer service significantly improved, with supermarket employees focusing on timely product stocking, store organisation and providing better customer service.

A centralised management system for forecasting algorithms, orders, deliveries and schedules aims to increase inventory turnover and release up to 20-30% of funds, currently tied up in the network's inventory. Presently, customers visiting the store can enjoy well-stocked shelves and an expanded product range.

The comprehensive effort to enhance automation extends to Makro's distribution center. The ongoing transformation process of the warehouse's existing WMS system will optimise staff operations, impacting warehouse tasks from receiving goods to organising their placement, creating picking routes and distribution.

Makro's future plans center around developing an entire ecosystem of information programs. Amongst these are the previously implemented ERP systems based on SAP, automating the enterprise's financial and accounting processes and utilising 1C for handling order registration, primary goods documentation and inventory management.

Currently, the company aims to achieve 100% automation of order calculations across all product categories, including FRESH and ULTRA FRESH items, using SAP as the foundation.