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Eco-Development - Golden House sets out their product strategies

Golden House, being the leading force in Uzbekistan's development market, sets the direction for the development of the entire industry. The company recently announced its global strategy – the popularisation of eco-development and has already launched its first project conceived and designed adhering to global environmental standards.

The new Eco-Block, Assalom Jomiy, is being built on the territory of the former Aggregate Plant in the Almazar district within the Jami circle. The former production workshops will be demolished and replaced with modern buildings featuring luscious green courtyards, cosy recreational areas, sports facilities and playgrounds for children of all ages.

There are further plans for the courtyards such as planting orchards and building allotments so residents may plant their own shrubs and trees. Drinking fountains, automatic irrigation and natural humidification systems, bird feeders and cat houses will also be installed within the courtyards.

The houses themselves will be built using unitary construction technology in compliance with all regulatory requirements for heat and sound insulation. Solar panels will be installed to help provide lighting for the communal areas with built-in automatic shut-off sensors.

The implementation of the project on the site of a former industrial enterprise is part of the Golden House company's strategy. To build new neighbourhoods without compromising the surrounding areas and to bring a new, more comfortable life to a previously uninhabitable territory. New residential projects should improve not just the quality of the area but also the surrounding areas in which they are being built.