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IPС told about the social responsibility of the business by the example of Golden House

Today, the concept of “corporate social responsibility” is becoming increasingly popular. In the recent issue of the "Masofada" programme, a team of journalists of the International Press Club spoke about the global trend of corporate responsibility of companies and the importance of social projects on the example of Orient Group, in particular, Golden House Development.

The Chairman of the Press Club, Sherzod Kudratkhodzha personally visited the park with the camera crew, talked with the representative of the construction company, Davron Fayzimatov, and got acquainted with the life of the city park. The journalist noted that today a large stream of resources is needed in order to maintain major socially significant projects, such as Ecopark.

The representative of Golden House Development said in an interview that the mission of the Ecopark project is the healthy lifestyle promotion among the city’s population, which was secured by creating certain conditions for walking and playing sports. The territory has been maintained since 2017 until today, and the company's management plans are to continue to develop infrastructure and create social benefits.


In the second part of the plot of “Masofada” programme of “Uzbekistan 24” TV channel, the General Director of Golden House Development, Avraam Gorodetsky, spoke about the business social responsibility. 

In his interview to the journalist of the International Press Club, Mr. Gorodetsky explained why Golden House is the company marked as “socially responsible developer”.

“Alongside development of construction business, we strive to make contribution to the city’s infrastructure, where the developer takes on obligations beyond town-planning requirements. 

We build parks, medical centers, schools and kindergartens. And not only for our own projects. For example, in previous years Golden House created City’s Central Zahriddin Muhammad Babur Eco-Park and Lokomotiv Amusement Park. 

In this year, on the eve of the Independence Day, a new five storey school No.338 was opened for 990 pupils. 

Since 2021 new housing system is implemented, provided for by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On additional measures for provision of housing for population via mortgage based on the market policies”.

Our company actively cooperates with banks and the city administration, in order to form available mortgage products for the population. Even today, every second client is interested in a mortgage, and we, in turn, manage to offer an optimal solution for almost every client”, the head of the company said.


The final series of issue of the "Masofada" television programme on "Uzbekistan 24" television channel on the social responsibility of the business to society is wrapped up by the interview with the Director of the school No. 338, Mavlyuda Nasretdinova. The construction of the school ended this year thanks to Golden House.

In recent years, the systematic work is being intensely conducted in the country to improve the quality and effectiveness of the education system. Along with this, our company also did not stand back. 

“The school, like education as a whole, is an important process, which is why we conducted a strict selection of teachers so that pupils could receive a quality education. Education is conducted in Russian and Uzbek, today we have 44 classes. All teachers, there are 74 teachers in total, have higher education and are specialists of the 1st and 2nd categories.

We also plan to open a kindergarten in the Mirzo-Ulugbek district, in the Karasu area. At this stage of construction, the kindergarten was completely repaired, minor finishing works remained. Now we are trying to attract teachers with higher education, tutors, psychologists, defectologists, methodologists and English teachers. The kindergarten is already equipped with 5 development centers: the Construction and Mathematics Center, the Center for Speech Development, the Center for Nature and Science, the Center for Art, the Center for Acting. There are also a dining room and music halls”, Mavlyuda Nasretdinova said.