Invest in the growth market of Uzbekistan with Orient Group
The best markets to invest in today are in emerging economies, and the most promising among them is Uzbekistan. Every year the country's GDP grows consistently by 5%
Reasons to invest in Uzbekistan
  • Diverse economy
    In the economy of Uzbekistan, there is a diversity of sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, construction, retail trade, transportation, and others. The government strives for a balance between these sectors, setting limits on the share of each in GDP to ensure economic stability. This approach enables the functioning of other sectors even in the event of a crisis or collapse in one of them.
  • Rich in human capital
    Uzbekistan has the largest population in Central Asia, totaling 37 million people, of which 20,3 million are of working age. The majority of citizens have a high level of education: 99% of the population have access to general education. The state actively invests in the development of education, ensuring access to quality education for all citizens. These investments are aimed at improving learning conditions, modernizing educational institutions, and enhancing the qualifications of the teaching staff.
  • Attractive logistical position
    Uzbekistan is well-located and has remained a trade hub since the times of the Silk Road. It has some of the best-developed logistical infrastructure in Central Asia, and with the construction of the China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway, access will be gained to ports on the Persian Gulf and the Pacific Ocean
  • The government is removing barriers to investment and business
    Uzbekistan rates among the top 10 countries for improving investment climate: administrative reforms have been launched to fight corruption, restrictions on retail trade have been reduced, the taxation system has been modernised and market monopolies are being fought.
We know how to invest in Uzbekistan with minimal risk
  • We select actively growing industries
    Currently, development, food retail, logistics and textile account for the bulk of our portfolio
  • We attract external investors and partners
    We cooperate with UzOman, the largest investment fund in the country
  • We invest in the country's development
    We implement social projects, build housing, schools, parks, hotels
  • We own our own land fund
    For many years we implement successfully real estate projects
  • We work with an extensive network of partners
    In logistics, deliveries, legal and financial matters
  • We comply with ESG principles
    We work according to a system of corporate governance and minimise our impact on the environment
  • We are pioneers in the application of modern management practices
    KPIs, budgeting, evaluation of investments, supervisory boards, strategic planning
  • We know how to work with cultural sensitivitiesv
    We implement Western business practices within an Asian mindset
  • We are constantly expanding our businesses
    We don't wait for things to become popular,
    We anticipate trends and open new lines of business.
We own companies and are involved in projects in 4 different sectors in Uzbekistan
We offer investing in the group, individual business or project
Debt instruments
Entire group
Invest in a wave of positive change together with Orient!
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