We continue to develop projects in other business areas
The largest factory mass-producing interior doors and cabinet furniture in the Central Asian region. We offer interior doors, kitchen and bathroom furniture, wardrobes and wardrobe systems.
The only company in Uzbekistan that specialises in producing hot-dip galvanised large-size steel structures and in designing and producing modern metal supports for outdoor lighting, antenna and searchlight masts and road barrier fences.
A company specialising in growing and exporting vegetables: tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, arugula and mint. Once all 70 units are up and running, the greenhouse will cover more than 100 hectares.
An enterprise for growing cherries, plums, peaches, persimmons and apricots. Its intensive orchard of 482 hectares is located in Turakurgan district.
The hypermarket with an area of 5000 m² consists of 10 departments. It has furniture, crockery, appliances, household goods, textiles, plants, baby items, souvenirs, decor and other household essentials.
Manufacturer of steel structures, sandwich panels, granite and marble slabs, widely used and appreciated in various industrial and residential construction projects.
Direct manufacturer of high quality 3D
panel fences in Tashkent with a full range of work: comprehensive engineering, design, estimates, and the production and installation of fences.
Manufacturer of decorative bricks. $3 million worth of products exported per year. Modern machinery from Germany, Austria, Greece, Spain and Japan is installed here.
Manufacturer of building materials: laminated chipboard, (LDF), laminate flooring. The factory is equipped with high-tech modern equipment from leading European manufacturers.
Manufacturer of steel doors of medium and premium class. Products are united by reliability and functionality, and the absence of unnecessary details, clarity and conciseness of lines meet all the requirements of modern design.
The largest factory in Uzbekistan, founded in 2002. It specialises in the production of premium-class doors, stairs and kitchen furniture.
A modern plant for the production of metal structures for the construction of any kind of built object. We have our own production halls equipped with modern technological equipment.
Manufacturer of polymer insulators for high-speed railway contact lines and high-voltage power lines with a voltage of 10 to 500 kV.
Plant for the production of the chrome-plated, semi-finished product Wet-Blue from the skins of cattle. The plant's capacity allows it to process 4,800 tons of raw materials per year and up to 25,000 skins per month.